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Trainings and degrees

1998-2001: fine art studies in "Academie Bugeant-bégeault" of Poitiers (France).

I graduated in visual comunication and illustration .

My work as a teacher

After a 3d training, I joined the isart digital teaching team in Paris.

I taught for 5 years concept & character design, photoshop, 3d mapping and matte painting technics.

Currently, I dedicate my time to industrial Work

Some compagnies i work for

Akama Studio

All 3d mapping and matte painting on "Fight for kisses" project

Wilkinson FFK




Texture painting on Silly the little seal


Copyright Akama studio

storm studio

matte painting for motion picture radiopiratene


copyright storm Studio

imdb radio pirates link

Renault Merchandising

character design

France 3 (thalassa)

mapping of the boat for : the mystery of Laperouse


copyright France3

Locomotion Studio

matte painting on "Braun Lake" comercial


copyright Locomotion studio

Zorba Production

background artist for "Dior" internal comercial

images credits: All right reserved